Reepay offers an administration dashboard ( where you have access to all information about your payments and subscriptions.

But the Reepay Platform also offers you direct integration with your own system. This is done using two primary technologies:

  • API
  • Webhooks


The Reepay Platform exposes a full API (Application Programming Interface). This gives you the ability to call Reepay from your server-side code and retrieve and update data.

You can integrate API calls into your website or your backend systems as you see fit.

Read more about Reepay's API approach here API-first


Webhooks allow you to get an automatic callback on given triggers: subscription expired, invoice settled, etc.

The Reepay Platform will automatically call a URL on your website whenever an event happens. If it is not succesful in delivering the message, the delivery will be retried later.

If you use webhooks you do not need to periodically poll Reepay's API to monitor for changes in customer and subscription behaviour - these events are delivered to you automatically.

Check out our reference documentation for more information about webhooks.