The Reepay Platform takes care of payments for both your web shop and subscription-based business.


You can get more information in the following sections:

  • Payments - The different type of payments supported by the Repay Platform.
  • Subscriptions - How Reepay Subscriptions can be tailored to your subscription needs.
  • Reepay Checkout - When you want a payment window, or an embedded or inlined form on your web page, to make single payments or to save payment details for recurring use. Reepay Checkout supports different payment types and support 3D Secure and Secured by NETS for card payments.
  • Reepay Token - Small embedded form that can be integrated on your web page to get a short-term card token. The card token can be used to perform single payments or can be used to make a recurring payment method for a subscription. Reepay token is only for tokenizing credit card details and does not support 3D Secure and Secured by NETS.
  • Integration - How you can integrate to the Reepay Platform
  • API-first - Reepay's approach to integration
  • PCI Certified - Reepay is certified according to the payment card industry standard.
  • Supported Browsers - Browsers supported by the Reepay Platform.