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Reepay Checkout

Reepay Checkout is a multi-purpose tool solving the following:

  1. Payment window for one-off payments (charge session)
  2. Payment window for storing customer payment method for recurring use or one-off payments (recurring session)

Reepay Checkout works by an initial server-to-server API call to create a checkout session. The API call returns a session id that can be used with the Reepay Checkout JS Web SDK to open the payment window. A url is also returned that can be used diretly to show the payment window in a standalone browser window. Two different session types can be created as shown above.

Try a live demo showing a one-off payment here:


Window look'n feel

You can integrate Reepay Checkout on your website in a number of ways. Either as a simple page redirect or directly on your website, as a full page overlay.

Reepay provides a JavaScript library to easily integrate Reepay Checkout into your website.

Payment methods

With Reepay Checkout you can setup the payment methods you would like to accept. You can either configure the payment methods in a number of pre-defined configurations or you can specify the payment methods specifically for a single payment.


To read further about integration Reepay Checkout, see our reference documentation: Reepay Checkout

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Reepay Checkout

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