Reepay Subscriptions

Reepay Subscriptions is a complete subscription engine that allows you to run your own subscription business.

Reepay Subscriptions automatically collects payments at each subscription payment interval. It also automatically handles billing in cases where a customer changes or cancels a subscription in the middle of a month.

Reepay Subscriptions provide a range of tools, allowing you to customize the subscriptions exactly as you want. Right out of the box you can tailor Reepay Subscriptions to your specific business model. All settings are available both in the administration website, and as API calls.

The following sections highlight some of the possibilities with Reepay Subscriptions:

Subscription Plan

A subscription plan allows you set the rules for subscriptions:

  • Should it be charged weekly/monthly,
  • The amount to charge
  • etc.

You can have several subscription plans and use it to divide your offering into several tiers (e.g. bronze, silver, gold).


Coupons can be used to generate codes for discounts that can be redeemed for subscriptions, either at subscription creation or subsequently. Coupons are a great tool for a promotion, special offer, or sale strategy.


A discount defines how much to discount, either fixed amount or percentage, what order lines to discount, and for how long to discount.


Add-ons are additional products that can be attached to a subscription. Example: a fitness center selling access to certain training classes.

Additional Cost

Additional costs can be added to subscriptions. Additional costs for a subscription will be collected at next renewal. Example: a fitness center selling bottled water without requiring its members to carry cash.

Dunning Plan

A payment can fail for a number of different reasons:

  • Card can be expired
  • Credit limit exceed
  • Card can be blocked

A dunning plan allows you to set different actions when a payment fails. Reepay Subscriptions can automatically send out reminder emails - and ultimately cancel the subscription. You have full control over the intervals and actions in the dunning plan.

Reepay Subscriptions intelligently decides on the action. If the credit limit has been exceeded it may be a temporary problem, and Reepay Subscriptions will automatically retry the transaction later. If the credit card is expired it is a permanent problem, and the dunning process will start immediately.