Apple Pay offers a frictionless payment experience in Safari based browsers on iOS and macOS. Apple Pay can be activated in the Reepay Administration and only requires a card acquiring agreement supporting Apple Pay. Reepay Checkout determines if Apple Pay is supported for the browser and OS used, and presents Apple Pay as a payment method if no payment_methods argument has been given when creating session, or applepay has been defined in the list of payment methods.

Notice that Apple Pay does not allow to be run in an iframe, so Apple Pay is only supported in window mode.

To determine on own site if Apple Pay is supported the following SDK method can be used.

<script src=""></script>

const isAvailable = Reepay.isApplePayAvailable();
// e.g. hide/show Apple Pay option

Liability shift

Apple Pay supports liability shift for American Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, and Visa cards issued in Europe. For non-European Visa cards, there is no liability shift for Apple Pay. Liability shift means that the financial risk in case of fraud is put on the card acquirer or cardholder, instead of the merchant.

Apple Pay Recurring

Apple Pay can also be used as a recurring payment method if enabled in the Configuration → Payment Methods section. A saved payment method can be obtained either by a recurring session or a charge session with the recurring flag set recurring=true.

To control the data shown by Apple Pay the following parameters can be given in the optional session_data object.

applepay_recurring_payment_start_dateRecurring payment start date in format yyyy-MM-dd to be displayed to the user.
applepay_recurring_payment_end_dateRecurring payment end date in format yyyy-MM-dd to be displayed to the user.
applepay_recurring_payment_interval_unitRecurring payment interval unit to be displayed to the user. One of the following values: year, month, or day.
applepay_recurring_payment_interval_countRecurring payment interval count to be displayed to the user.
applepay_recurring_labelLabel to be displayed to the customer. Maximum 64 characters.
applepay_recurring_amountFixed recurring amount.