Google Pay offers a frictionless payment experience on Android devices where cards have been added in the Google Pay wallet and a supported browser, e.g. Chrome is used. Google Pay can be activated in the Reepay Administration and only requires a card acquiring agreement supporting Google Pay. Reepay Checkout determines if Google Pay is supported for the device and browser used, and presents Google Pay as a payment method if no payment_methods argument has been given when creating session, or googlepay has been defined in the list of payment methods.

To determine on own site if Google Pay is supported the following SDK method can be used.

<script src=""></script>

Reepay.isGooglePayAvailable().then(isAvailable => {
    // handle response (eg: show/hide google pay button)

Liability shift

Google Pay supports liability shift for Discover, Mastercard, and Visa cards issued in the EU or the UK. Google Pay does not support liability shift for American Express, JCB, or Visa cards issued outside of the EU or the UK. Liability shift means that the financial risk in case of fraud is put on the card acquirer or cardholder, instead of the merchant.