MobilePay Online can be enabled in the Reepay Administration under acquiring by adding a MobilePay Online agreement. When using MobilePay online in Reepay Checkout there are a number of things you need to be aware of and handle in your implementation.

MobilePay Online on desktop

If the customer is on a desktop browser, there is no difference between MobilePay Online and other payment types like credit cards. If the customer choose to pay with MobilePay Online the customer is redirected to a MobilePay page where the customer enters phone number (it may be prefilled, see below) and waits for a push message on the phone where the payment can be completede. Once completed the page redirects back to Reepay Checkout and either a return url is activated in window mode or a JS callback is invoked in overlay or embedded mode.

MobilePay Online on mobile device

When MobilePay Online is used on a mobile device, the MobilePay page might activate an app switch to the MobilePay app instead of the normal flow as on desktop. When the app completes the payment, the app opens the accept url in the standard browser for the device. If the customer is not using the standard browser, the customer will return in another browser. To handle this the accept page should not rely on cookies, but only rely on content on the accept url to identify the payment session. To use MobilePay Online on a mobile device with overlay and embedded mode, it is required to use accept and cancel urls to be able to return. We recommend to detect device type and use window mode for mobile devices.

Phone number

If the customer phone number is already known it can be prefilled on the MobilePay Online page. The phone number can be defined in the following ways.

  1. Phone number can be given as explicit argument phone when creating a session.
  2. If the customer entity has a phone number that will be used.

MobilePay Online as only payment method

If MobilePay Online is the only payment method selected by using "payment_methods": ["mobilepay"] some special handling is performed:

  1. The customer will be redirected directly to MobilePay without showing the Reepay Checkout window.
  2. If the payment is cancelled by the customer the cancel url/callback is invoked immediately without showing the Reepay Checkout window as it would only show MobilePay Online in this case.

Liability shift

Notice that there is no liability shift for MobilePay Online payments as there is for card payments with 3D Secure. Liability shift means that the financial risk in case of fraud is put on the card acquirer or cardholder, instead of the merchant.